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Automatic nutrient and pH controller, capable of continuously and precisely regulating the Ec and pH of the water, providing the necessary nutrients and adjusting the pH to reach the desired value in the water tank. Constant flow of 40ml/hour for pH adjustment and 0.5 Liters/hour for Ec adjustment.

Applications: hydroponics, aquaponics, seedbeds, vertical gardens, domestic gardens, gardening centers, aquariums, grow shops... Any facility where water's Ec and pH need to be regulated.

Included in the box: The controller is delivered fully installed on an acrylic panel, to which you only need to connect the water pump's inlet and outlet hose using simple quick connections.

It comes with a purity filter for the pH and Ec probes.

Includes a 50ml pH 7 calibration bottle, 20ml 1.430 ms calibration sachet. Filters and suction tubes for the nutrient and pH container.

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All our products come with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects, not due to improper use or wear of the equipment parts.
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Operation of the ProSystemAqua Ec controller.

  1. Turning on the automatic Ec controller:

    Once the panel is set up and connected to the power, we proceed with the programming:

    1. 1. pH regulator programming:
    2. A- Set the desired value for the water.
    3. B- Program the working mode: pH down (acidic) or pH Up (alkaline).
    4. C- Proceed to calibration.

    5. 2. Ec regulator programming:
    6. A- Set the desired Ec value for the water in the controller.
    7. B- Program temperature compensation, time alarm, and air alarm.
    8. C- Proceed to calibration.
  2. Water recirculation:

    Connect the water recirculation pump, which operates simultaneously with the pH&Ec basic control panel, circulating the water through the collector.
  3. Conductivity and pH measurement:

    The Ec and pH probes detect the water tank's conductivity and pH value, displaying the value digitally on each controller's display.
  4. Fertilizer and pH regulator suction:

    The controllers suck the product through the suction filter for the Ec and pH adjustment.
  5. Fertilizer and pH regulator injection:

    The Ec controller doses the fertilizer and the pH regulator through the collector's injection valve, until the water tank reaches the Ec and pH value set on the controller.


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