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pH & Ec Basic Control by ProsystemAqua allows accurate and precisely control of pH and Ec in continuous flow. Providing the necessary nutrients, and regulating the pH, until reaching the desired values ​​in the water tank. The constant flow rate is 40 ml/ h in the pH controller and 0.5 L/h in the Ec Controller.

Functionalities: Hydroponics, aquaponics, seed beds, vertical gardens, backyard gardens, garden centres, aquariums, and grow shop. Meanly, in any installation where regulation of Ec and pH of the water is required.

Included in the Box: The controller is delivered fully installed on a methacrylate panel, where you only have to connect the water inlet, and outlet hose of the recirculation pump, by means of simple quick connections.

It has installed an impurities filter for the pH and Ec probes.

Includes canister 50ml calibration pH 7, sack 20ml calibration 1,430 ms. Filters and suction tubes for the bottles of nutrients and pH.

ec ph basic controller
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garantia bomba de ec
All our products have a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects, not for improper use in accordance with current regulations.

Operation of the Ec ProSystemAqua controller. Although first, you can download the instructions for this machine, or contact us by WhatsApp.

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  • Switching on the controller:

    Once the controller is installed on the panel, and connected to the circuit. We will proceed to programm the pumps:

    1. Setup the pH control:
    2. A- Enter the desired value of pH in the water tank (set point).
    3. B- Program the mode of pH, down (acid) or pH up (alkaline).
    4. C- Proceed to calibration.

    5. 2-Setup the Ec control:
    6. A-Enter the Ec value we want to achieve in the water.
    7. B- Check the compensation of the temperature, time alarm, air alarm.
    8. C- Proceed to the Ec probe calibration.
  • Water recirculation:

    The water recirculation pump should be running at the same time with pH&Ec Basic Control panel and, recirculating water through the manifold.
  • pH and conductivity measurement:

    pH and Ec probes detect the conductivity and pH value in the water tank and is indicated on the display of each pump.
  • Suction of fertilizers and pH regulator:

    The controllers extract product through the suction filter to regulate pH and Ec.
  • Injection of fertilizer:

    The regulatory pH and Ec pumps dispense fertilizer and pH regulator through the injection valve of the manifold until the set point value of EC and pH, that we have programmed, is reached in the tank.
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