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Our products

We offer in our company ProsystemAqua different services and products to improve your irrigation system efficiency and water quality.

Besides our online service, which is available all around the world, we have an extense transport network that allows us a global delivery wherever you are.

Hydroponic Services

pH regulator controllers

One of our star products we manufacture, design and develope in ProSystemAqua is the pH regulator controllers. It is the star because of its importance, the necessity of pH water control in all its sectors and actions.

They can be adapted to every kind of irrigation system or water action where we must regulate the pH. With this controller you won’t have to worry about the pH control, the controller will make continuous measurements and will correct and evaluate the pH values until it gets the perfect one.

EThe own user will be able to start operating with it by itself thanks to the simple installation and functioning of ProSystemAqua pH controller, following the instructions or observing the videos explaining its motion.

Nutrient controllers

We dispose of many different nutrient and pH controllers automatically to improve its irrigation system, water quality and reduce fertilisers consumption for every kind of it at the professional agriculture. Besides, these controllers can be installed by one of our specialized operators just requesting a budget previously, or even by the customer because of its simple handling.

Water treatment

We have an extense catalog offering products and tools for water treatment and purification. We embrance a wide range of applications for this actions , covering from technical advice for the evaluation of projects to provision of operation services and maintenance of reverse osmosis plants.

You can check our catalogo or ask for information through our different ways of contact.

automatic irrigation systems
pumps for grow shop

You can require a budget without compromise, or contact us directly and ask all your doubts. We will offer you a customized solution to improve your irrigation system and the quality of its water.

All our services are guaranteed and previously budgeted, so in case you have a doubt, we are pleased to inform you about it.

Irrigation systems installation

We are specialized on irrigation systems installation and water quality improvements. We have participated in many international projects from different areas and categories. We count on a wide group of professionals specialized on different kinds of installations like irrigation systems and water treatments. We adapt our controllers to every kind of irrigation system available in the industry and in all its actions.

Ec regulator controllers

Trust us and our product to install your irrigation system. This controller has a proper design and ProSystemAqua guarantee. You will get an automated measurement and the Ec control, and it will significantly reduce the use of fertilisers.

The own user will be able to start operating with it by itself thanks to the simple installation and functioning of ProSystemAqua pH automatic controller, following the instructions or observing the videos explaining its motion.

A proper irrigation system

Each project is unique, and this is why we offer a detailed service to configurate your irrigation system, presenting you the ‘key-in-hand’ plan from which you will receive an adapted system according to your necessities.


We are constantly growing in our R+D area, developing applications for the control and the observation through softwares specialized on all our products. After years of evolution, we finally created the ‘Hidroponic System by Computer ProSystemAqua’. Thanks to this controller our engineering department has got the control by computer of the water values and the irrigation systems from all parts of the world.

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