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Hydroponic system, automatic controller of the nutrients

In the other hand, we have the nutrient controller Hydroponic System. This automatic fertirrigation system is ideal for every kind of crops, especially for hydroponic ones, and also adjustable to the water tank, for large and small volume.

It is able to apply different varieties of fertilisers and nutrients together and at the same time regulate the pH from the water tank.

The control of the pH and nutrient dosage is totally automated through the continued control of the conductivity, obtaining a solution with the one that our customer desires.

Dissolving nutrients in water, the roots from the plant are able to absorb in a more efficient way. When the nutrients are introduced into the water supply they don’t need a ground for the plant to be grown. Almost every kind of terrestrial plant can grow under this system, although its advantages are more evident in one kind of plant than another.

This kind of cultivation technique without ground avoids the typical hándicaps that are found in the conventional agriculture. The use of different substrates allows a better control of the elements that affect to the growth of the plant, such as oxygenation or nutrition. This way is also provided to the plants by the essencial elements that are needed for an optimum growth.

The functioning of a hydroponic crop is basically recommendable when there is not a proper ground with the essencial agriculture skills for a correct evolution of the pland. The hydroponic is always a kind of crop without agricultural land, but not all the crops without ground are hydroponics. There are many kinds of crops without ground that doesn’t use the required mineral solutions for the hydroponic crops.

Our Hydroponic System comes with a complete installation kit, including:

  • Nutrient controller
  • pH probe
  • Ec probe
  • pH probe holder
  • Ec connecting cable
  • PH7 and PH4 calibration bottles
  • Suction and discharge pipes
  • Injectors
  • Blocks and screws for fixing
  • Instructions of use
  • PPR collector
ph pum irrigation

Hydroponic has this simple functioning explained below:

  1. Switch on the Hydroponic system

    Once the controller is installed and connected to an electric current, we proceed to the fertiliser controller programming adjusting the ‘set point’ and the proportional flow of fertiliser from each controller. After adjusting this pH ‘set point’ and programming the pH Down (acid) or Up (alcaline) mode, we proceed to the verification of the pH and Ec probe to check that they are calibrated.
  2. Recirculation of the water in the collector

    We have to put the recirculation controller in the water tank and the Hydroponic System controller at the same time.
  3. Conductivity measurement

    The Ec probe detects the conductivity in the water and indicates it through the display of the controller.
  4. Fertiliser dosage

    The dispenser controllers for the control of the conductivity A, B and C aspire from the fertiliser carafes through the suction filter.
  5. Fertiliser injection.

    The fertiliser is metered by the pumps through the injection valves and fed into the water recirculation manifold. water recirculation.
ph seeds
guaranteed bomba de ph
All our products have 2 years of guarantee for original defects, not for improper use or deterioration, in agreement with the current regulation.
  1. pH measurements .

    The pH probe constantly measures the pH values that are in the water and are indicated through the display.
  2. Dosage of the pH regulator .

    The pH regulator controller aspires from the pH Down or pH Up bottle and doses through the injector until it gets the 'set point' that has been programmed.
  3. Activation of the irrigation controller.

    The irrigation controller can be connected automatically by a programmer once the Ec and pH values are adjusted and steady.

  5. Level probe for the level regulation inside the water tank.

  6. Electrovalve to fulfil, which will be activated by the Hydroponic System through the level probe.

  7. A flow sensor which disables the Hydroponic System in case the collector needs more water.

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