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Hydroponic System via Computer

The nutrient and pH controller, Hydroponic System by Computer, is the most advanced automatic fertigation system on the market. With the “by computer” software, we can monitor all water values, as well as the irrigation system, directly from a computer.

It is capable of applying various types of fertilizers and boosters together and can also regulate the pH of the water in the tank.

The dosing flow rate of each of the controllers, ranging from 0 to 7 L/h, can be adjusted independently.

It automatically regulates the maximum-minimum water level in the tank, as well as the temperature.

It activates the irrigation system for both the recirculation pump and the irrigation pump.

Applications: hydroponics, aquaponics, pharmaceutical, nurseries, vertical gardens, domestic gardens, gardening centers, aquariums, grow shops... Any facility where water Ec and pH regulation is required.

Included in the box: The controller is delivered fully equipped and mounted on a methacrylate panel, where you only need to connect the inlet and outlet water hose of the recirculation pump through simple quick connections.

It comes fully equipped, including: Programming and communication manual, pH7, pH4, and 1.430 ms/cm calibration sachets, delivery and suction tubes, plugs, and screws for wall mounting.

pump for irrigation
Hydroponic System by Computer
nutrient irrigation
All our products come with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects, not due to improper use or wear of the equipment parts.
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Operation of the Hydroponic System by Computer from ProSystemAqua.

  1. Switching on the controller:

    After setting up the panel and connecting it to the power source, we proceed with the programming:

    1. 1. pH regulator programming:
    2. A- Set the desired value in the water
    3. B- Program the operation mode: pH down (acidic) or pH Up (alkaline)
    4. C- Proceed with calibration.
    5. D- Adjust the proportional flow rate of the pH pump.
    6. E- Program maximum and minimum pH alarms.

    7. 2. EC regulator programming:
    8. A- Set the EC value you want in the water.
    9. B- Proceed with calibration.
    10. C- Adjust the proportional flow rates of pumps A, B, and C.
    11. D- Program maximum and minimum EC alarms.
    1. Program irrigation times and working mode.

    2. Set the desired water temperature.

      A- Program maximum and minimum temperature alarms.
    3. Recirculation of water in the collector.

      The controller will activate the water recirculation pump and circulate the water through the collector where the pH, EC, and temperature probes are installed. In case of a lack of water, the flow sensor alarm will be triggered, deactivating the controller to prevent overdosing.
  2. Measuring conductivity

    The EC probe detects the conductivity in the water, which is displayed on the controller's screen.
  3. Aspiration and dosing of fertilizers

    The EC controllers A, B, and C aspirate from the fertilizer bottles through the filter and dose through the injection valves in the water recirculation collector.
  4. pH measurement

    The pH probe continuously measures the value in the water, which is displayed on the controller's screen.
  5. Aspiration and dosing of the pH regulator

    The pH regulator aspirates from the pH down or pH up bottle and doses through the nozzle until the programmed value is reached.
  6. Activation of the irrigation pump

    The irrigation pump is activated by the controller once the pH and EC values are adjusted and stable.
  7. Level probes

    Level probes for automatic water filling in the tank.
  8. Electric filling valve

    It will be activated by the controller through the level probes.
  9. Flow sensor

    Deactivates the controller in the event of a lack of water in the collector.
  10. Pulse counter

    The C controller will start dosing based on the configured pulses.
  11. Water heater

    It will be activated by the controller.
  12. Temperature sensor

    Measures the water temperature and activates the heater based on the temperature programmed on the controller.


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