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pH&Ec Controller, the automatic dispenser that measures continuously

This controller system measures constantly and it automatically measures out fluid fertilisers to the Ec and pH regulator for the water tanks in every kind of irrigation system. Both factors Ec and pH are two of the most important elements for every kind of crops in optimal conditions.

Our design makes it the most complete and simple nutrient and pH controller in the market. It works for every kind of irrigation system or application where we have to control and measure pH and Ec from the water in a very accurate and continuous way.

This pH&Ec controller from ProSystemAqua automatically and accurately regulates the nutrients and the pH from the water, adjusting these values with precision. The quantity of fertilisers we need in each one of the controllers is adjustable in an independent and proportional way, it has a varying flow that goes from 0 to 2 litres/hour.

It is also able to control the maximum and minimum level of water inside the tank. It makes it through the flotation buoys, activating by this the electrovalves from the entry of the water tank.

This controller activates automatically the recirculation controller and the irrigation controller from the crop system once we have all of the Ec and pH values under control.

The pH&Ec Controller comes with a very simple and complete installation kit. Inside the packaging you will find different elements that you will have to connect following the instructions of use. These elements are:

  • The pH&Ec controller
  • pH probe
  • Ec probe
  • pH probe holder
  • Ec connecting cable
  • Suction and discharge pipes
  • Injectors
  • Brackets
  • Blocks and screws for fixing
  • A plastic collector
  • Teflon reel.

The pH&Ec Controller works this way:

ph ec controller
  1. To switch on the Controller.

    Once we have installed the controller and ir is connected to a electric current, we proceed to select the language. After that, we indicate the way of work of our irrigation system. We have to clear if we want it temporary (this means that the irrigation controller is activated by the controller depending on times, days and irrigation cicles) or continuous (the irrigation controller is activated 24/7).

    The next step is programming the Ec we want to obtain inside the water tank. We calibrate the Ec probe and adjust the percentage of flow from each of the fertilisers controller.

    We equally programme the pH indicating through the controller the pH value we want to obtain and selecting the working method of the controller: pH Down (acid) or pH Up (alcaline) we adjust this percent (%) of the pH controller to our volumen of tank.

  2. Controller recirculation

    The recirculation of the controller from the water tank is activated by the controller at the scheduled time to let the irrigation controller work. This means that the controller will activate the recirculation controller before the irrigation one and it will make the optimum pH and Ec adjustments. Once we have these two values corrected, the controller will activate the irrigation controller the time we had previously scheduled.

  3. Conductivity measurement

    The Ec probe detects the constant conductivity in the water, showing us its values through the display.

  4. Suction of fertilisers from carafers

    The dispenser controller for the Ec (A&B) control aspires from the fertiliser recipient through the suction filtre and the pipe of the controllers.

  5. Fertiliser injection

    The controllers dose the fertilisers through the dicharge pipe until it gets the injection valves that are installed in the collector of recycled water.

  6. pH measurements

    The pH probe constantly measures the pH values that are in the water and are indicated through the display.

pump ph&ec irrigation
guaranteed ph pump
All our products have 2 years of guarantee for original defects, not for improper use or deterioration, in agreement with the current regulation.
  1. pH suction of the product

    The pH regulator controller aspirates from the pH Down and pH Up bottle through the suction filtre and pipe.

  2. pH Injection

    The pH controller will inject the pH Down and Up corrector through the discharge pipe until it gets the value that has been programmed previously in the controller.
  3. Recirculation controller activation

    The controller will activate the recirculation controller depending on the modus operandi we had programmed. It will be working constantly, the 24 hours of the day. It will be activated at the time scheduled.
  4. Irrigation controller activation

    The irrigation controller is activated automatically by the controller at the time scheduled, but it will always happen when it detects the Ec and pH values in the water are perfectly adjusted. Before the irrigation controller, the recirculation controller will be regularly activated for the measurement and adjusts of the pH and Ec values of the water.
  5. Level probes (optional)

    Level probes are an optional element of our pH&Ec Controller. These probes regulate the maximum and minimum level of water inside the tank. It also comes with a third probe that will disable the controller in case the water tank is at the minimum level.
  6. Electrovalve to fulfil (optional)

    This one is activated (opened) by the controller when the level of the water tank gets the minimum level, and it is disabled when the level inside the water tank gets the maximum.
  7. Flow sensor (optional)

    It disables or activates the pH&Ec Controller in case there is water scarcity inside the collector. It is an emergency element which is necessary in case the recirculation controller breaks, avoiding overdosages in the water tank.
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